The 2019 Jammy Awards

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Once a year, we pull out all the stops to honor the talent and hard work of the best recreational musicians in New York City – and celebrate a unique scene. Costumes, prizes, judges, killer lights and sound, hot food and cool giveaways, haze and smoke effects, an aerialist performing overhead, background video screen – and not a single speech. Just nine bands playing their hearts out to fans, friends, family, co-workers and interested onlookers for twenty-five minutes a pop. At the end of the whirlwind, we quickly award some prizes in both individual and group categories, throw out some swag to the audience, and call it a night. It’s a blast, and this year marks 26th annual Jammy Awards.


CROPDUSTER (alt-something)

FIRE SIGNS (eclectica)

TEN CENT PISTOL (bluesy rock)


COLD FUJON (jazzy funk)

NO MERSEY (classic rock)


SLOWHAND (Eric Clapton)

THE PETTY THIEVES (Tom Petty et al





Best Dressed Performer doesn’t get a trophy, but DOES get a grabbag of random items from the deepest recesses of the Jam’s office and storage facility. Truly random. Total Retail Value: Unknown.


2019’s Guitar Player of the Year gets a setup from our friends at 30th Street Guitars, 10 sets of D’Addario strings, and a basket of goodies from Planet Waves that includes an American Stage instrument cable, headstock tuner, locking guitar strap, a DIY Pedalboard Cable Kit, an Artist DADGAD capo, and more. Total Retail Value: over $400.


Drummer of the Year takes home a shiny Zildjian 18″ A Custom Crash cymbal with a retail value of $284.95.


2019 Vocalist of the Year gets a three hour Flash Demo recording package courtesy of Outta Sight Productions (a new co-venture of The Jam and producer/engineer Jimmy Fontanez). The winner will mix a musical bed, track and edit vocals, add some of Jimmy’s instrumental prowess, and mix and master a final recording. Retail Value $199 – but for a limited time, Outta Sight is offering this Flash Demo package for just $149. For more information, or to set up your own recording session, call: (212) 626 8472 x3.


Keyboardist of the Year will receive a $100 Gift Card from The Jam NYC.


Bass Player of the Year gets a setup from our friends at 30th Street Guitars, 5 sets of D’Addario XL bass strings, and a basket of goodies from Planet Waves that includes a Premium Instrument Care Kit, a headstock tuner, bass guitar strap, American Stage instrument cable and more. Total Retail Value: over $400.




2019’s MOST TECHNICAL BAND is the most skillful group and/or one who most impresses with its degree of difficulty. The winners get a $300 Gift Card from Vinny’s Music Service, good for cartage and/or rental of all manner of musical gear, staging, lighting, and more. They’ll also receive free stories of Vinny’s dealings with famous musicians – whether they want to or not.


This year’s FRESHEST BAND gets a four hour Guerilla Recording Package from Outta Sight Productions. Up to an hour each for set up, tracking, editing/overdubs and mixing/mastering. That’s probably one song, but if the winners are prepared, they COULD track a few songs that they can finish at a later date. Retail value: $199 (but for a limited time, anyone with a Jammys ticket stub or backstage pass can get a GRP for just $149).


2019’s MOST FUN BAND lands themselves a custom-made Promo Reel from Eclectrix Video Services. They’ll get to choose the precise bits of footage to be assembled into a minute-long Greatest Hits impression – great for a website, invitation, or calling card to land that next great gig. They’ll also walk away with a custom Inked By Evans drumhead, featuring their band’s logo and design. Total Retail Value: $265.


And this year’s GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will have their Jammys set (and a 3 minute interview) broadcast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (a group of five cable TV channels which collectively reach around 3.6 million viewers each month) – courtesy of Eclectrix Video Services, Verizon, and Spectrum. Retail Value: Priceless.


It takes a village to put on the Jammys, including (at Press Time): James Rothstein (Emcee), Gregg Raybin (Producer), Gerard Hoffman (Audio Engineer), Matt Calabrese (Lighting Designer), William Giraldo (Stage Manager), Angela Viscido (Videographer), Nancy Kaszerman (Photographer), Emely Deleon and Abe Rothstein (Security), and the crew at Vinny’s Music Service (Cartage).


The Cutting Room (44 East 32nd St, near Park) is a “guitar-laden holy temple of rock….like a bizarre Keith Richards dream brought to life.” (UrbanDaddy). The venue for the 2018 Jammy Awards features an elevated stage, multiple rooms and balconies, excellent food, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting.


The 2019 Jammy Awards happen this Friday night (September 27), at The Cutting Room, starting at 7 pm. In addition to 9 hot bands, the 26th annual Jammys will have TWO performances by Aerialist Queen Ravenden, and audience giveaways. The shindig is free for Premium Jam Members, and tickets are available in advance (see link at top), and at the door on Friday. All ages welcome. Join us for a night of revelry, unbridled musical passion, and nearly-non-stop fun.


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