STUDIO A: 30’10” x 18’4″ ($52/hour):
PA: Mackie 16 channel mixer, 800 watts through 2 JBL 15″ 3-way cabinets
Outboard: 60 channel Rane EQ, dbx compressor, Furman power conditioner
Microphones: 5 Audix OM5s, DR heavy-duty mic stands, Planet Waves cables
Keyboards: Korg Trinity Pro X, Yamaha acoustic baby grand piano
Guitar Amps: Victoria 210 Victoriette, Fender Blues Junior, Roland JC120, etc.
Bass Rig: Hartke LH1000 head with Hartke 4×10 and 1×15 cabinets
Drums: Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 5 piece kit with Zildjian cymbals

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