Flurry of Notes – Jan 7 2019

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This Thursday (1/10) we present our first Showcase of 2019, featuring the alt-classic sounds of FUNGIBLE (Amy Griffin, Carlos Cabrales, Tony Novarro, Judd McArthur, Gregg Raybin), the hard-rockin’ CRANK CASE, Steely Dan devotees NO STATIC, modernist/reconstructionist FIRE SIGNS, Beatlemaniacs/classicists NO MERSEY, and Rolling Stones homage THE ROLLING BONES.


I’d rather catch a band of modestly-talented but well-prepared individuals than a group that’s very talented but ill-prepared. And by prepared I mean individually-practiced, group-rehearsed, and thoughtfully-organized and presented. Of course, there’s a necessary threshold of musicianship that needs to be met, and we should never stop working on our chops – but you don’t have to be a great musician to entertain a group of strangers for 45 minutes. Word.


Our next Blues-based InstantBand with John Putnam, THE WINGTIPS, rehearses Feb 4, 12, 19, 26, March 5 (all from 7-9 pm), and performs in our March 7 Red Lion Showcase. There’s room for a vocalist, bassist OR keyboardist, two guitars, and a drummer. It’s an all-inclusive package (10 hours of rehearsals, the Showcase gig, and the expert guidance of Professor Putnam from first note to last) for $399 ($299 for Jam Members). To sign up, have your debit or credit card in hand and call 212 626 8472 x2 – first come, first served. These spots never last long.


Here’s one worth repeating: Make your own damn musical charts – or at very least TRY to before looking at someone else’s. Because 1) the internet is littered with faulty transcriptions, 2) in trying, you train your ears, and 3) you can develop a notational style (for melody, rhythm, structure, etc.) that suits your own needs. And check your work repeatedly – we all occasionally fall into the trap of transcribing things the way we believe they are or think they should be. Often it’s the small deviations from the expected that make a song special – so always defer to your ears: if what you’re playing doesn’t sound quite right, it probably isn’t.


Thursday (1/10): Red Lion Showcase, featuring FUNGIBLE (7 pm), CRANK CASE (7:50 pm), NO STATIC (8:40 pm), FIRE SIGNS (9:30 pm), NO MERSEY (10:20 pm), and THE ROLLING BONES (11:15 pm – 1:15 am). Free for Premium Jam Members, $10 for everyone else. Well-behaves minors welcomes until 10 pm or so, Kitchen open ‘til midnight, and live music co tunuing until 4 am.

Saturday (1/12): Open Jam with Jimmy Fontanez (and maybe Robert Brandow), from 3 to 6 pm at The Jam (541 Sixth Ave, inside The Collective). $20 for Jam members, and $35 for everyone else. Whatever you guys want to do is fine with us.


“No matter what life throws at me, music softens the blow.” -Bryce Anderson

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