The Show

Once a year, we pull out all the stops to celebrate recreational music-making in New York City, to honor the finest musicians and bands in our scene, and generally have a crazy-good time. The 22nd Annual Jammy Awards happen Friday, April 24, and will feature ten bands playing their hearts out for 22 minutes apiece, more than $7,500 in prizes, outrageous attire, a kick-ass light show, smoke machines, and not a single speech.

The Jammy Awards logo

The Cutting Room

Located at 44 East 32nd St. (near Park Ave), The Cutting Room is the "guitar-laden holy temple of a bizarre Keith Richards dream brought to life." (UrbanDaddy) The venue for the 2015 Jammys features an elevated stage, multiple rooms and balconies, excellent food, and state-of-the-art lighting and sound. And we'll add to that with ten great bands, swag from our sponsors (to be tossed out to the audience), and other delights. 


The Bands

This year's entries include a mix of favorites and new challengers - over the course of the evening we'll get a taste of Indie Alt/Country, Metal, Jazz, Funk, and plenty of Rock (from Classic to Contemporary(ish) to Original). In no particular order:

  • Local Heroes (Bruce Springsteen tribute)
  • The Crunge (Classic Rock)
  • The Petty Thieves (Tom Petty tribute)
  • Funktastic (R&B/Funk)
  • Fire Signs (Modern Rock)
  • Cold Fusion (Jazz/Funk)
  • My Dying Hour (Hard Rock/Metal cover band)
  • PoliceQUAD (Police tribute)
  • Bustling Hedgerow (Led Zeppelin tribute)
  • The Rolling Bones (Rolling Stones tribute)

The Judges

An impartial panel of industry insiders and professional musicians whom we ply with drinks so as to better endure the 4.5 hour musical onslaught. Their identities will remain secret until just prior to showtime.

The Prizes

With trophies and take-home swag, that's just over $6,000 in booty ( that's a big booty). But the opportunity to play at the Jammys? Priceless.

Individual Awards

Jammer Of The Year – The person who has contributed the most to the jam through generosity of spirit, time, or otherwise – wins free sessions (open jams and rehearsals) at the Jam for the next 12 months. What’s that worth? For a frequent visitor, upwards of $1,500.

Band Awards

This year’s Most Dysfunctional Band will win (or perhaps earn) a 1.5 hour session with the Rockshrink – a psychotherapeutic prize worth $600.