Gear and Instruments

top of the line guitars, drums, microphones, and amps

Rehearsal Space

music-vibes, friendly and smart music techs, and fully equipped rooms with no decibel limits

Open Jams and Meetups

no one-man-band’s here--you can jam out with other rockers of all skill levels

...and more


Studio Rehearsal Space

live-feeling spaces for your band to blow the roof off the place

Industry Workshops

learn from some of the top minds in the music business, and fellow local New might even get to jam with them

InstaBand Opportunities

if you’ve got some chops and are ready to join a band for a season, we pair up players to work some tunes up for an upcoming showcase

...and more


Performance Opportunities

we host shows throughout the year, and can help you connect with even more opportunities to play and gig professionally through our network

Recording & Rehearsal Suites

our rehearsal and recording spaces are professionally staffed, equipped, and with an assortment of microphones, amps, effects, and instruments

Gear & Deals

we stock a live shop with all the essentials like strings, picks, cables, and can also help you get discounts on instruments, repairs, and all you need to go on tour

Production Consulting

you and your band are ready to go, and we know just how to go from gig’ing in the city, to touring...from recording demos, to promoting, live production, and beyond, our network has you covered

...and more


The Jam Headquarters

541 Sixth Ave, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

The Collective School of Music: please visit the 4th floor first to check in

We are located on 14th Street and 6th Avenue, accessible via public transit F/M/L, 1/2/3, N/R/W, 4/5/6 subway trains

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